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    instruction on photos and link to some reading

  • 3questions to answer

    will post pictures of the assignment but first I will post the reading /assigmmemt has to be 250 words

  • History Civilization

    Please answer the following questions in detail : ( Post should be at least 300 words) (1) What did all Paleolithic people have in common, and what differences subdivided them? (2) What were the key changes in human society that came with the Argicultrual Revolution ?

  • Hollitz Thinking Through the Past Chapter 1

    Read Hollitz Chapter 1, I have attached a pdf copy of the chapter down below. 1) How do each of the four sources present the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of Republican governments in the southern states? Among other topics, be sure to address what is different about each source’s approach and content, how these governments are…

  • The Varied Concepts of History- A Comparision of Bloch, Certeau and Ruiz

    Take a look at Ruiz’s other scholarship: Spanish Society: 1348-1700 and Medieval Europe and the World From late Antiquity to Modernity, and his essays in Order and Innovation in the Middle Ages: Essays in Honor of Joseph R. Strayer (Princeton Legacy Library, From Heaven to Earth: The Reordering of Castilian Society in the Late Middle…

  • philippine revolution template provided

    Historical research topic is the Philippine Revolution For reference my research question I chose is: Why did Spain decide to take control of the Philippines’? Template is provided and explains what needs to be done All you have to do is complete the template provided

  • Colonial Indentured Servant System

    Colonial Indentured Servant System Aaron S. Fogleman wrote From slaves, convicts, and servants to free passengers in which he described colonial labor. Explain the growth of the colonial indentured servant system. Explain how the system of indentured servitude was organized. Explain who participated in the system. Explain their goals and motives Explain how this system…

  • John Hancock’s Boston Massacre Oration (1774)

    background In 1768, the British government ordered two regiments of British Redcoats, with two more to follow, to Boston, Massachusetts. Many colonists had protested and refused to comply with two attempts by Parliament to impose taxes on them in the preceding years. The Stamp Act (1765) had called for a tax on public documents and…

  • perpetua journey, faith, gender and power in roman empire

    What role do Christianity, the Roman Empire, family, individual, gender and community (respond to either 1, 2 or 3 of these points) play in shaping Perpetuas identity?

  • History essay

    Response Assignment 1: Hector St. Jean de Crèvecoeur, “What is an American?”, 1782 Your response should be about one page – but do not let it exceed two pages. It should include a clear thesis and a set of arguments that responds to the questions below. Your essay must be submitted on Canvas by 2:00…