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  • reflection 8

    The reflection should be a summary and analysis of the reading(s) connecting to broader sociological themes, definitions, and concepts that affects in the real world. – times new roman, 12-font, double spaced – please come up with a unique and catchy title. – the reflection is about chapter 9 – Asian American (pages 453-506) or…

  • Jail Diversion Discussion Post Resposnes

    Read the two discussion posts on the attached document on jail diversion programs from two classmates. After reading them both write a 1-2 paragraph discussion post response back to each author on their discussion post in your response to each author evaluate their recommendations. How could you continue their proposals and make them more effective?

  • Article Review One

    Instructions are in the files. Please use the book attached. Also, dont make this too professional. No need for fancy words that I definitely don’t need. I will be needing help for this class. Once you complete this assignment, I will follow up with more assignments for the same writer so that theyre familiar with…

  • Final Project PSY 550 Week 9

    This is a FINAL DRAFT and piecing together the previous two papers and making them as ONE. This paper is already almost structured just needs to add the remaining sections from the rubric. I will attach two previous papers as well as the rubric. Please make sure all is addressed in rubric.

  • Introduction of Psychology of Social Justic

    Why you decided to take this class (Psychology of Social Justice). Lastly, you will state what are three issues that you what to explore in this class and why these issues are important to you.

  • Final Project PSY 530 Week 9

    This is piecing together the rough draft for a FINAL DRAFT. The paper is already structured just needs to be finalized and incorporate professors feedback. Attached is the rubric and the rough draft. Please read rubric and make sure all requirements are met.

  • Fostering and Homelessness Youth in College

    INSTRUCTIONS: This research paper is based on an ongoing research study project that was placed for Fostering and Homelessness background students at Florida International University. This paper should only be the beginning of research paper. It should be a partial paper as the other half should be completed throughout the end of Spring semester. Therefore…

  • Analyzing articles using APA style

    I am attaching a template and 3 sources to use! These are the instructions but the template also lists exactly what is required. Consider how the writer(s) came to know the knowledge that was imparted in the article. For each of the five methods of acquiring knowledge, reference one example of each from among the…

  • summary of an journal article

    a summary of a journal article for a psychology student use at least 2 sources APA style format please follow assesment guidlines

  • Video reflection- stigma of mental illness

    this is a video reflection assignment about the stigma of mental illness. please watch the attached video link (56 minutes and 45 sec) and instructions and write a two-page double-spaced reflection.